Your Pool Reflects You

Children in swimming poolJust like every home carries a certain personality with it, so does a swimming pool. When we at Pool Xperts in Dallas, TX create a new pool for you or remodel your old one, we keep in mind the character your home exudes and design your pool accordingly. Another factor that we always keep in mind while carrying out any work is the safety factor and how much fun and relaxation a swimming pool can give you. We also keep in mind your budget so you have no unnecessary expenses in the end.

Construct and Remodel

Our pool remodel staff is always up-to-date on all current commercial building codes and regulations. This way we can assure you that all important things are looked over during any construction or remodeling. We personally make sure that your pool is safe and up to code.

Make a Splash with these Five Pool Renovations

You've already discovered the joy a pool can bring to your life and now you're curious what you can do to enhance the value and entertainment it brings to your home and family. Great news: There are a host of renovations available to help you breathe new life into your pool. Resurfacing, adding fresh tile or changing the design of the pool deck can transform the entire look of your outdoor space. Adding a water feature such as a waterfall or installing LED lighting are dynamic additions that will give any pool a dramatic makeover. And remember, renovations can be done over a period of time to suit any budget. Contact Pool Xperts and let our expert staff walk you through your options. As an APSP member, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make a major splash this summer.

Finance a remodel for your pool


Some Of The Installations We Perform Include:

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